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Welcome to Barrow High School!

Welcome to Barrow High School -- Home of the Whalers!

The students and staff of Barrow High School are pleased you have selected our school for your virtual visit. 

We are proud of the rich traditions we have embraced in honoring the diverse population of our school and community. The vast menu of educational options from which our students choose when preparing for their future is designed for their to future career and personal needs.   Our vocational department provides exposure to a wide variety of career and technical options.  In addition, Advanced Placement courses in mathematics and science are available, as well as all the general educational courses needed for fulfilling the requirements for a high school diploma and the Alaska Performance Scholarship.

The 200+ students in grades 9 through 12 are afforded a comprehensive curriculum along with a full range of athletic, academic, and social opportunities.  Our award-winning performance band is a source of pride to not only members of our immediate school but to the entire community of Barrow.

The staff of BHS is dedicated to embracing our District’s mission of providing educational opportunities that are rooted in the values, history and language of the Iñupiat.

We are proud to be the school “At the Top of the World” and are pleased to have you discover for yourself why we have much to share.

 - Bev Hunter-Gillaspie, Principal




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