• Trapping continues
    • Seal hunting
    • Seal skins prepared for bleaching
    • Polar bear hunting
    • Build/repair skin boats


    • Trapping continues
    • Caribou skins drying outside
    • Seal and ugruk skins also drying/bleaching
    • Seal hunting
    • Continue build/repair skin boats


    • Some polar bear hunting
    • Seal hunting
    • Trapping continues for fox, wolf and wolverine
    • Women sew ugruk skins for skin boats
    • New skins put on boat frames
    • Hunting tools repaired
    • Female polar bears bring out their young


    • End of trapping season
    • Whaling season begins
    • Caribou and ground squirrel hunting inland
    • Time to clean cellars if not done during winter
    • Birth of young seals


    • Whaling continues
    • Geese/ptarmigan hunting inland
    • Duck hunting on ice
    • Ice breakup on rivers
    • Seals on ice at Qaaktugvik
    • Ugruk have their young


    • Caribou fawning period
    • Nalukataq in the whaling communities (Kak, Nui, Brw, Am, Pho)
    • Going off to Summer camps
    • Fishing on rivers and lakes begins
    • Seal hunting
    • Fishing in Qaaktugvik


    • Camping and hunting continues
    • Fishing continues
    • Caribou hunting
    • Gathering eggs in Pt. Hope
    • Ugruk and walrus hunting
    • Drying meat and making seal oil
    • Preparing ugruk skins for boats


    • Caribou hunting by boats, some by snow machines
    • Ugruk and aiviq hunting continues
    • Ugruk skins prepared for boat bottoms
    • Some people still in their summer fishing and hunting camps.
    • Duck hunting at Pigniq.
    • Some fishing with nets at Pigniq
    • Boat frames built
    • Geese hunting in Wainwright
    • Tuktaq making time
    • Fishing on the rivers
    • Berry picking inland


    • Panmaksrak coming through
    • Some duck hunting
    • Beginning of fall bowhead whale hunt
    • Moose hunting
    • Whaling in Kaktovik/Nuiqsut/Barrow


    • Fall whaling continues
    • Ice fishing on rivers and lakes
    • Caribou hunting first part of the month
    • Ice fishing along coastline for cod fish


    • Polar bear hunting on the coastline
    • Seal hunting
    • Some hunters still at fish camps
    • Traditional Thanksgiving Feasts


    • Trapping season for fox, wolf, wolverine
    • Seal hunting
    • Polar bear hunting
    • Traditional Christmas Feasts
    • Traditional games of skill and endurance
    • Time to clean ice cellars and houses for the new year