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    Common Core Math Tools

    Core Math Tools is a downloadable suite of interactive software tools for algebra and functions, geometry and trigonometry, and statistics and probability. The tools are appropriate for use with any high school mathematics curriculum and compatible with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in terms of content and mathematical practices. Java required.

    Exemplary Lessons Integrating Practice Standards

    Two Classrooms Integrating the Standards of Mathematical Practice

    In the documented lessons of Fran Dickinson (5th/ 6th grade) and Cathy Humphreys (9th/10th grade), several of the mathematical practice standards are evident within one lesson/problem. Here, we invite you to explore their classrooms to learn how they engage their students in mathematical habits of mind.


    Reason abstractly and quantitatively 

    Fran Dickinson leads a lesson on numeric patterning, helping students to investigate a numeric pattern and to generalize what they see happening as the pattern grows. In this clip, Dickinson describes the importance of individual think time before he asks his students to discuss the relative strength of two different approaches to a patterning task. One pair discusses the numbers within the sample strategy, and Dickinson repeats back their conversation to the whole group, telling his students, “I’ve heard two really good questions about Learner B’s strategy. One was, what are all these 3’s? and Kelcey’s question was, what about this 4? Where’s the 4 coming from?” This clip is also indicative of standard 1 (make sense of problems and persevere in solving them).