Analyzing MAP Scores


Vertical LIne


Suggested tasks guide users in grouping students and identifying academic goals and interventions
Note: Directions to access Class by RIT reports are located on Video Resources ( the adjacent column on this page).
Suggested tasks 1.) guide users to identify ways in which to use this report in their classrooms;
2.) guide users in identifying skills & concepts in adjacent grade levels and aligning those to standards.
Note: Directions to access Individual Student reports are located on Video Resources  the adjacent column on this page).

Determine Skills/Concepts Students Are Ready to Learn

Includes Spring 2013 MAP RIT and RTI Level Correlation
A guide to Descartes and how to use the RIT charts

10 Ways to Use the Class Breakdown by Overall RIT and Class Breakdown by Goals in the Classroom 

Describes all of the reports and what everything means on each report.
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Interventions for Struggling Readers~Check this out!

This site allows you to "dial in your intervention needs" then lists teaching strategies and ideas for centers to address particular skills and concepts.

Inside Mathematics

Multiple ways for educators to transform their teaching practices.


Video Resources





Access Class By RIT charts to determine student academic needs.

Access Individual Student Reports to see student growth over time and performance by goal standard at a glance.
Use the Student Goal Setting Worksheet to engage students in their own progress.