How is a Limited English Proficient (LEP) student identified?

Steps to LEP Identification:
  • Step 1:  The first step of the identification process is the Parent Language Questionnaire. If the answer to question 1-3 in Part I of the Parent Language Questionnaire (PLQ) indicates that a language other than English is either spoken in the home, spoken to the student, or spoken by the student, the student is referred to the English Language Learner Program.

  • Step 2:  The second step of the identification process is that a Language Observation Checklist - Part A. (LOC-A) be filled out by the student's homeroom or Language Arts teacher. If the LOC-A indicates 5 or more "No" answers in Part A or that a student is not fluent based on the teacher's knowledge, then the student should be referred for a formal identification assessment.

  • Step 3:  The final step of the identification process is the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test™ (W-APT). 
Grade  Levels 
Time of
School Year
W-APT Screener
Minimum Score for English Language Proficiency (not identified as LEP)
Kindergarten Fall - February Listening & Speaking ONLY
 Listening & Speaking ≥ 29 Yes
Kindergarten March 1 or after
 All domains
Listening & Speaking ≥ 29 AND Writing ≥ 17 AND Reading ≥ 14
 Grades 1-12 Fall - February
 All domains
Overall Composite ≥ 5
 Grades 1-12 March 1 or after
 All domains
Overall Composite ≥ 5