• Hello Parents, Guardians, Students, and All,
    We have begun the second half of the 2016-2017 school year with BIG enthusiasm amidst the snow and winds and icy conditions. The students are glad to be back and they want to stay healthy. It is so good to see them return again to school with this attitude. Hopefully, parents and staff had a restful break and are also reenergized for the new term.b
    ack and are ready to learn, and they want to s
    Regardless of what grade the student is in, from the curious three year old K3 to the dynamic twelfth grader, that student deserves and requires consistent parental care and guidance. This includes attentive health care. We encourage every parent to be an active part of that health care every day, and as health care givers and educators, we thank you all for making every effort to be involved in your child's life both at home, at school, and within the community.
    Parental involvement is essential to the growth of the well being of each of their children!
    Basic and simple precautions can keep your child healthy. Here are some Back-to-Wellness reminders that will help to keep your child healthy and safe at school: 
    *Immunizations protect your child from childhood diseases. Make sure required immunizations are up-to-date.
    *Very careful handwashing will help prevent the spread of infections. At least a 20 second hand wash is recommended. 
    * A consistent bedtime and wake up time ensures adequate and consistent sleep. 9-11 hours is recommended for the younger children and 8 to 9 hours for the older children. A student does take a nap in the nursing office as necessary, but at times it may be necessary to send the student home to sleep.
    *Eating breakfast each day before school is very important. Nutrition is needed to activate those brain cells and to help keep the student alert and focused in school. 
    *Hydration is very important. We encourage the students to drink lots of water at school and at home. Headaches, dizziness, and nausea are some symptoms that result from dehydration. 4-6 glass a day for the younger students and 6-8 glasses a day for the older students.
    *Keeping an open line of communication also helps to keep your child healthy and happy. Should a situation be occurring at school as bullying, your child is much more ready to share with you his or her concerns. If a concern arises, and we don't know, please let us know as we are all ready to help.
    *Spending time and visiting with your child ensures positive growth and development and contributes to healthy balanced behavior. Family time and worship time together make a contribution to a more happy and wholesome individual.
    Screenings for this second term: :* Head lice checks for all of Ipalook which will begin tomorrow 1/10/17. * Hearing and Vision, screening will continue at Ipalook and will also begin soon at HMS and BHS * Puberty classes also will occur for the fourth grade classes in the future, * Oral screening will happen with the hearing and vision screening, and referrals are made as needed in each of these areas.
    It is very much appreciated when you inform us of the change of contact numbers. This includes both work, cell phone, or home. We want to keep you informed as needed, especially in the possibility of an emergency.
    A reminder regarding medication: Prescribed medication should be brought in by the parent/guardian, and an "Authorization for Dispensing Medication Form" be filled out and signed so the medication can be given at school. No prescribed medication is given unless this form is complete. If an OTC medication is to be given at school on a short term or daily basis, we also have the parent complete the same form.
    Thank you for all of your loving care for your children and your continual support for the schools.
    Esther Jeffery RN 
    Health Hot Notes:
    I have assembled information regarding health issues that have been common recently. Please click on the links to the left or below for information on the following:

    ~ Reminders ~
    When is My Child Too Sick for School?
    The main reasons to keep your child home are: obvious signs that your child would not comfortably participate in class activities or your child may be contagious and spread illness to others. Generally, other reasons are:
    • a fever of 99.7 or above
    • vomiting
    • diarrhea
    • frequent coughing or sneezing
    • persistent pain of the ear or stomach or anywhere
    • unexplained rash
    Should your child tell you, "I feel sick", please check what may be going on and keep her or him at home as necessary.
    For a prescribed medication to be given at school: 
    • There must be a doctors' order
    • The medication should be in the original container
    • The parent/ guardian needs to have signed the Authorization form.
    *** Prescribed medication should also be brought in by the parent/guardian
    **Nut Allergy Alert!!
    Please do not send any foods with nuts in them to school at ANY TIME.**

    Thank you for your time, and it really is wonderful to be part of your child's school life.
    Esther Jeffery RN
    School Nurse