• Jabber Video for TelePresence 4.7

      Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence version 4.7 (Formerly Cisco Movi) is a video conferencing software application that enables Windows and Apple computer users to participate in telepresence quality video calls with other JABBER users and various video conference rooms in North Slope Borough School District.
      JABBER is best suited for meetings where it is important to see and hear the person or room you are communicating with. It is also possible to make presentations over video using JABBER.
      JABBER is NOT a web conferencing application like WebEx, ReadyTalk, or GoToMeeting.
    • Getting Started with Jabber Video

      Getting started with JABBER is a three-step process:

      1. If you are a North Slope Borough School District Staff and already issued a Username and Password.  You can use this same Username and Password to login to Jabber after configuring the application as described in these directions. If you are a Guest to our School District, please request a JABBER account from InfoTech Department. Please include the purpose for using Jabber and how long you need your account to be active in your request.  (Default is 24 Hours)

      2. Within 3 business days, you should receive an email from vtcmanage@nsbsd.org with your account information and instructions for downloading the software client.

      3. Download and install the JABBER software from the links in the account information email or from the links below. Please make sure you have Admin rights to install the software.  Otherwise your local IT support can assist you with the installation if you do not have admin rights on your machine.


      Jabber Client Download
      JABBER Video Downloads

      Click on the links below to download the software to your computer so that you can install JABBER:

      Cisco JABBER for Mac OS 10.7 and Later
      * Cisco has fixed functionality relating to Mac OS Mavericks 10.9 camera issue.

      * You can download, install and run this version of Cisco Jabber to replace the old version on your computer.

      * If you receive "Application is damaged, you should move it to the trash" error.  Go to System Preferences  -
         Security and Privacy.  Then change "Allow applications downloaded from" to "Anywhere.

      Cisco JABBER for Windows XP/Vista/7/8  

      *Certain version of Internet Explorer will display an error "The Signature of this program is corrupt or invalid" or "The Program is unsafe" when you start downloading this software, please ignore these error's and select "Run Anyway."

      *Open GL installation - Users who receive the prompt "OpenGL version is too old" during Jabber Video installation, please update your graphic's card driver using Windows Update or by going to your graphics card manufacturer website and download the latest driver.

Last Modified on April 25, 2017