January 19, 2015


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DOK/ Assessment Powerpoint .pptx
Joan and Caitlin Powerpoint for New Teachers .pptx 
Stage Two Talking Points Memo for Returning Teachers 
Joan and Caitlin Powerpoint for Returning Teachers .pptx

NSBSD Cultural Unit Dates .doc 

Materials for DOK Session 
DOK Article and Activity .PDF
Circle of Verbs .PDF
DOK levels Math and Science .PDF
DOK levels Reading and Writing .doc
Materials for GRASPS Session 
Performance Task Activity .PDF 
Sample Performance Tasks Set #2 .docx
Difference in Degrees for Rubric Building .PDF 
Materials for Elementary Science Formative Assessment Session 
What Lights Up the Moon?  .PDF 
When is the Next Full Moon? .PDF 
Rainfall .PDF
Ice Cubes in a Bag .PDF
Where Did the Water Come From? .PDF
Materials for Secondary Science Formative Assessment Session 
Secondary Science Formative Assessment link
Rusty Nails .PDF
What's in the Bubbles? .PDF
Ice-Cold Lemonade .PDF
Chemical Bonds .PDF
Inservice Evaluation  
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