August 2015 New Hire & CAIM

Location: Iñupiaq Language Teachers ~ Ilisagvik College
 All other participants ~ Ipalook Elementary School
New SPED Teachers, New Counselors, New Teachers
Buses load at Top of the World Hotel at 7:10 a.m. Buses leave at 7:20 a.m. for Ipalook
New Principals
Carpool to Ipalook using vehicles provided 
Start July 30 ~ New Principals & APs Agenda (updated 7/28)
Start July 31 New SPED Teachers Agenda (updated 7/29)
Start July 31 New Counselors ~ Start August 1 Returning Counselors Agenda (updated 7/28)
Start August 3 Returning Principals & APs Agenda (updated 7/28)
Start August 3 New Hires (certificated staff) Agenda (updated 7/28)
Start August 3 ~ Iñupiaq Language Teachers Agenda
Start August 7 ~ CAIM Agenda (updated 7/28)
[Curriculum Alignment Integration & Mapping] 

New Principals
Thu 7/30
Supt. Session (a.m.) C&I Business Office  Student Services - Local Resources  Evaluation Plan
Fri 7/31
Crisis Prevention Intervention Training
All Principals
Day/Date Sessions
Mon 8/3  Supt. Session (a.m.)  HR Curriculum Evaluation Safety
Tue 8/4 Supt. Session (a.m.)
Activities  M&O  SLOs  Supt. Session (p.m.) 
Wed 8/5 Iñupiaq Ed Dept. SPED Business Ofc.  PowerSchool 
Principal Tab
Forms Tab 
Distance Ed./RLC
 Supt. Session (p.m.)
Thu 8/6
(a.m. only) 
CAIM Overview Cultural Units Demo Units  Unit Development 
CAIM Responsibilities
Implementation/Feedback Form
 Day/Date  Sessions
 Tue 8/4  PBIS
Second Step Why Try OJT HB44/EED  IBH Collaborative Time
 New Hire Certificated Staff
 Day/Date    Sessions
 New SPED Teachers / New Counselors ONLY
Fri 7/30 Crisis Intervention Prevention Training 
Sat 8/1 Training with Diana Marsh and Lori Roth
 All New Teachers 
Mon 8/3 HR  Bus. Ofc. Out of the Box - Tech M&O NSBSD Cultural Orientation  Supt. Session (p.m.) 
Tue 8/4
K3/K4-2 ELA
K3/K4-2 Math
3-5 Math
3-5 ELA  6-12 Writing
6-12 PowerSchool 
Tech Camp
Wed 8/5 K3/K4-5 PowerSchool 
MS/HS Science
Other Subjects
K3/K4-5 Science  6-12 Dist. Ed /Dual Credit  Iñupiaq Heritage Center  Evaluation Training
Thu 8/6 (a.m. only) CAIM Overview  Cultural Units  Demo Units  Unit Development
CAIM Responsibilities / Expectations
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