Miss Katie Strand

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Miss Katie Strand

My name is Catherine Strand, though my students simply refer to me as teacher, and I love working at Harold Kaveolook School! I teach preschool and Kindergarten. The students at Harold Kaveolook School are amazing and I love being able to work with the littlest learners who are just beginning to bloom!

I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but have always loved traveling and discovering all the wonderful people and places the world has to offer. I hope to bring some of my experiences of cultures from around the world into the classroom. Every place teaches me something and I am very eager to learn!

Another aspect I plan to bring into the classroom is my love for language. Words can weave a magic unlike any other, be it spoken, sung, or written. I have a vast collection of children’s literature and music that I draw from throughout the year. Part of integrating language into the children’s everyday life means finding ways for them to make it concrete. To this end I use fine arts and creative play in the classroom each day.

A student in my class for three years will have had me as their teacher for almost half their life when they graduate from Kindergarten! What a thrilling (though daunting) prospect that is for me as the teacher. It is so incredible to see the differences between six year olds and three year olds and I am absolutely convinced that even if every other grade were to get its own room these ages should still be combined. Such a vast difference in such a short space of time gives the younger kids a chance to learn responsibility from their older peers and the older kids a chance to practice leadership. I love these little ones and they make teaching an absolute treasure.

 Kindergarten - the ultimate in adorable.             Preschool class with their pumpkin.