• Classroom Expectations


    1. Have assigned readings completed for each class each day. Study guides will be used to encourage you to keep up with the pace of the class
    2. Participate meaningfully in class discussions; be prepared to respond to questions about assigned reading.
    3. Come to class prepared every day with all necessary materials. This includes your Language Arts binder, a pen or pencil, laptop, and reading materials.  You will be made aware of any additional or special materials you may need in advance.
    4. Attend class regularly. Failure to do this will have a negative impact on your grade.
    5. Plagiarism (the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing it off as one's own.) will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Those who plagiarize an assignment will receive a score of zero and a call home to their parent/guardian.  


    1. Follow directions.
    2. Be respectful.
    3. Do your work.
    4. Keep the classroom clean.
    5. Computers and other electronic devices may be used for school work only. Improper use of electronics will be grounds for disciplinary action.

      • Cell phones must be on silent and out of sight.
      • Earbuds or headphones must be put away.
      • Computers will be closed and unless the instructor specifically authorizes their use.
      • For additional guidance concerning acceptable use of electronics in the classroom, see the Student/Parent Handbook

    Absences and Tardies

    1. If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed (notes, handouts, assignments, etc.) from the teacher. This is to be done before or after class, not during class.

    2. All absences and tardies will be reported to the attendance office and recorded.

    3. In the event of an excused absence, in-class assignments and tests must be made up within ten school days of returning to class in order to receive full credit. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE UP THIS WORK.  In the event of an unexcused absence or suspension, you will be given the opportunity to make up missing assignments; however you may be given half-credit for the work if it is turned in within three days. For a fuller discussion of NSBSD’s make up work policy, see the Student/Parent Handbook. If you are absent the day before a test, you will still be expected to take the test the next day; tests are announced well in advance.  If you are absent the day a major assignment is due, it will be due the day you return to class. For extended absences due to medical reasons or family emergencies, please see the Mr. Horwath to make arrangements.

    Grading and Assignments


    1. For major assignments such as essays, you will receive detailed handouts outlining the assignment’s requirements. Read and understand these.  If you have any questions, talk to Mr. Horwath.
    2. You will use conventions of standard English in all written pieces, improving upon your ability to self-edit and revise.
    3. All major writing assignments will be typed and double spaced using standard 12-point font with 1-inch margins.
    4. You will be graded on several formal writing assignments examining the literary works we read; using an increasingly sophisticated writing style.
    5. You will also be graded on other assignments (such as study guides and journals) relating to the books we read.
    6. Graded vocabulary assignments and quizzes will accompany each book.
    7. Other informal writing assignments, in-class assignments, and group projects will be assigned and graded.
    8. You will write several essays, expository and persuasive, each semester.
    9. Students may be expected to take semester final examinations.

    Grading- All assignments will be graded on a point scale, which converts to a letter grade according to the following percentage grading scale:

    90-100 A

    80-89   B

    70-79   C

    60-69   D

    59-0     U