(all information below comes from EED)

    1. Presentations

    • Alaska STEPP Overview
    • Alaska STEPP Basics
    • Alaska STEPP Annual Updating
    • Alaska STEPP for District Staff

    2. Domains and Indicators of Alaska STEPP

    • Alaska STEPP Domains and Indicators Rubric for Schools 
    • Alaska STEPP Domains and Indicators Rubric for Districts
    • Alaska Effective School Framework

    3. Resources For Use

    • Alaska’s School Improvement Handbook
    • Alaska STEPP User’s Manual 
    • Title I Schoolwide Assurances with Guidance for Alaska STEPP
    • Guidance for Using Alaska STEPP as a Title I Plan – TA Programs
    • Sample Annual Pacing Guide Checklist AKSTEPP
    • Sample School Needs Assessment
    • Webinar Playback Links and Support for Alaska STEPP
Last Modified on September 19, 2017