• In SchoolWires:
    • In Site Manager, navigate to the workspace containing the page to which you wish to add an Embed Code app.
    • Click Actions to the right of the page and select Edit Page from the drop-down list. The page opens in Edit mode.
    • In the Actions pane, click Manage Apps & Layout. The page opens in Design mode.
    • Click Add App. The Select an App dialog displays.
    • Select Embed Code App in the first column. A list of existing Embed Code apps along with a Create New button display in the second column.
    • To add a new app to the page, click Create New. In the third column, enter a name for the app.
    • Click Create. You are returned to the page in Design mode.
    • Click I’m Done to return to the page in Edit Mode.
    Use the Chrome Browser for this:
    • Upload your video to your Google Drive.
    • Copy the link.
    • Open an incognito window.
    • Paste the link.
    • Right click the video to get the embed code.
    • Copy the code. 
    • Open the page with the embed code app you created above. Paste the code. Resize (by editing the text) so the size is approximately 480 x 650.
Last Modified on July 10, 2017