Response to Instruction (RTI) at North Slope Borough School District 
In accordance with the 2015-2020 North Slope Borough School District Strategic Plan, Section 2.4.13,  NSBSD utilizes the Response to Instruction (RTI) process to address the academic and behavioral needs of students who are not proficient or advanced. The RTI process is a data-driven, general education initiative that helps all children learn by addressing individual needs on both an academic and behavior level.
North Slope Borough School District's approach to RTI:
  • Provides all students with high quality, research-based instruction that is aligned with Inupiaq Learning Framework and Alaska standards-based curriculum;

  • Utilizes a multi-tiered system of student supports that integrates both behavior and academics that focuses on success of all students;

  • Uses assessment data to frequently monitor progress of students and guide individualized decision-making process at all Tiers of intervention; and

  • Uses Mileposts software to organize and guide the RTI process at student, school and district level.
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 Tier 1 Tools:
Tier 1 are core instructional interventions.  They are designed for use with all students as preventive and proactive measures.  
The focus of Tier 1 is on intervention and identification.  The general education teacher should provide Tier 1 level supports on a school-wide and classroom-wide basis. 
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 Tier 2 Tools:

Tier 2 Interventions are targeted toward small group instruction for students at risk.

A Tier 2 Intervention is supported by data collection, a menu of interventions, frequent monitoring, and data-driven decision making. 
 Tier 3 Tools:
Tier 3 Interventions are intensive individualized interventions. These interventions are generally utilized for teaching missing skills in academics and/or behavior.