Student Services Staff Contacts

Lori Roth
Director of Student Services
Phone: 907-852-9636
Fax: 907-852-9796
Address: PO Box 169 Utqiaġvik, AK 99723

District Office Staff
Nora Solis
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services
Phone: 907-852-9686
Nikki San Agustin
Phone:  907-852-9684
Pamella Simpson, Ed. S
Facilitator of Curriculum & Instruction for Special Services

SPED Teachers by School
Mark Wilson
SPED Teacher, Ipalook Elementary
Joan Davis
SPED Teacher, Ipalook Elementary
Lynn Conrad
SPED Teacher, Ipalook Elementary
Theresa Cowden
SPED Teacher, Hopson Middle School
Nicole Ritzinger
SPED Teacher, Hopson Middle School
Diane Seifert
SPED Teacher, Barrow High School
Pamella Simpson
SPED Teacher, Kiita Learning Community
Carrie Bauer
Elementary SPED Teacher, Alak School (AIN)
Lilianne Hurell
Secondary SPED Teacher, Alak School (AIN)
Grace Taylor
SPED Teacher, Nunamiut School (AKP)
Tonia Wells
SPED Teacher, Meade River School (ATQ)
April Le Fevere
SPED Teacher, Harold Kaveolook School (KAK)
MariAnn Manning
SPED Teacher (substitute), Nuiqsut Trapper School (NUI)
Bonnie Franklin
Elementary SPED Teacher, Tikiġaq School (PHO)
Donald Stambeck
Secondary SPED Teacher, Tikiġaq School (PHO)
Kellina Hammond
SPED Teacher, Kali School (PIZ)

Counselors by School 
Rita Crouch
Counselor, Kiita Learning Community
Cheryl Yocum
Counselor (substitute), Ipalook Elementary School
Marie Fitts 
Counselor, Hopson Middle School
Doug Dye
Counselor, Barrow High School
David Bauer
Counselor, Alak School (AIN)
Georgann Tallchief
Counselor (substitute), Nunamiut School (AKP)
Linda Sutton
Counselor, Kali School (PIZ)
Brent Lecky
Counselor, Harold Kaveolook School (KAK)
Joseph Pomainville
Counselor, Meade River School (ATQ)
Susan Nedza
Counselor, Tikiġaq School (PHO)

Related Service Providers
Ed Harrison
District Psychologist
Larry Michael
District Psychologist
Betsy Gerace
District Psychologist
Donald Zanoff
Speech Pathologist (BRW-AIN-ATQ)
Claudia Bird
Speech Pathologist (AKP, KAK, NUI, PHO, PIZ)
Margie Moviel (SERRC)
District Occupational Therapist 
Anne Kosacheff
District Occupational Therapist 
Brenda Jager
Physical Therapist
Patricia McDaid
District SPED Support
Ella Bredthauer
District PBIS and RtI Support
Diana Marsh
District DIAL Screening/Training Support