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    Below that are a sample of rubrics designed for specific Cornerstone Assessments.

Assessment Resources Mapping Cornerstone Assessments

  • Defined STEM
    Defined STEM has developed 100+ performance tasks/projects and associated rubrics based on various career areas. The tasks use the GRASPS format from UbD to establish an authentic scenario. A unique feature is the inclusion of a motivating video that shows “real world” applications of knowledge to set up the task.

    In addition to the basic tasks, Defined STEM offers a set of electronic design tools allow teachers to customize the tasks and rubrics. While the title suggests that the tasks fall into the STEM arena, there are tasks in English/Language Arts and History/Social Studies as well.
    To view, go to  http://www.definedstem.com 
    Use Access Code # STEMACCESS
    You will be prompted to create your own user name and password.

Assessment Resources Rubrics