Here you will find resources for many of the programs and applications commonly used in the district.
  1. Teacher's Guide 
  2. Setting Up Your Classes
  1. Introductory Guide
  2. Progress Monitoring Guide
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. AIMSweb Software Guide
  5. Transferring Progress Monitoring
  6. Training Webinars for Download
  1. Changing Course Content 
Apple Remote Desktop
  1. Setting up ARD
Carnegie Math/Cognitive Tutor
  1. Setting Up Your Class
  2. Getting Started Guide 
  3. Troubleshooting
Comic Life
  1. Online Help Guide
  1. Introduction to Edmodo - Screencast by Mr. K (YouTube Video)
GarageBand '09
  1. Getting Started Manual 
Google Classroom
  1. Create a Classroom (by Monica Grund (teacher)
  1. Inspiration Getting Started Guide
  2. Inspiration User Guide
  3. Kidspiration Getting Started Guide
  4. Kidspiration Quick Start Guide
  5. Kidspiration Quick Reference
  6. Kidspiration Teacher Menu
  1.  iPad User Guides
Jabber Video
  1. Setup for Jabber Video
  2. Calling with Jabber Video
Keynote '09
  1. User Guide
  1. User's Guide 
  1. Teacher's Manual
  2. Reports and User Guide
Mac OSX 
  1. Using Iñupiaq Characters 
  2. How to enable screen zoom
  3. Getting Started with VoiceOver (screen reader)
  4. Use Spotlight as a quick calculator
  5. Change your password
  6. Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Tips & Hints for New Mac Users
    Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac (Email)
    1. Basics Tutorial
    2. Microsoft's Learning Roadmap
    3. Creating Groups
    4. Sending an Email with a Received or Read Receipt
    5. Create an email Signature in Outlook
    6. Create folders to organize your email in Outlook 
    7. Sharing Calendars
    1. Help Guide
    2. Formulas & Functions Help
    1. Help Guide 
    1. Entering ECE grades
    2. Gradebook - Set up (PowerSchool Pro) ~ for use with updated PowerSchool
    3. Gradebook - Create Assignment, Link Standards, and Score Standards  (PowerSchool Pro) ~ for use with updated PowerSchool
    4. GradeBook Quick Reference
    5. Grade Book User Guide
    6. Printing a Scoresheet Report
    7. PowerTeacher User Guide
    8. Setting Up Category Weights (Video)
    9. Changing your password
    10. PowerTeacher iPad App Setup
    11. Guidelines for assigning grades of I, U, or NG
    Rubicon Atlas
    1. Introduction for New Teachers (YouTube Video)
    Safari Montage
    1. Quick Start Guide
    2. User Guide
    3. Creation Station Guide (for uploading your own content) 
    ScanSnap (Document Scanner)
    1. S510M for Mac Operator's Guide
    2. S1500 Getting Started Guide
    3. S1500 Operator's Guide 
    Schoolwires/Centricity (District Website)
    1. YouTube Video Tutorials      
    2. For Teachers: Section Editor & Tips for Teacher Pages
    3. Help with specific apps- WikiAssignments, & Article Library
    4. Working with Pages & Apps, & Best Practices for Apps & Pages
    5. Working in the EditorGuide to Editor IconsEditor Best PracticesEmbedding Content in Editor
    6. Calendar AppWorking with Calendars, & Posting Events to Multiple Calendars
    7. Images Photo Gallery Help Card
    8. For Principals & Site Techs: Getting Started Guide for Site DirectorsSite Director GuideSite Director Help Card, & Adding School Headlines, District News, or Highlights
    9. Moderating Content
    10. Working with Files & Folders
    Self Service
    SmartBoard/Smart Notebook 
    1. Introductory Video
    2. Connect Your SmartBoard
    3. Flashing Green Light Fix (video)
    4. Creating Engaging Lessons [Scroll to "Creating Engaging Lessons;" Press "More"]
    5. SmartBoard/Notebook 101 Training Presentation (26mb)
    6. Guide to using Smart Ink
    7. Tutorial for SMART Notebook 14.1 2
    8. User Guide for Notebook 14
    9. SMART Response User Guide 2014 
    10. Introduction to Smart Notebook Part I: Software Basics (recorded webinar)
    11. Introduction to Smart Notebook Part II: Enhanced Skills (recorded webinar)
    SMART Slate
    1. Drivers & Software Downloads
    2. Quick Reference
    3. User Guide
    SMART Table 
    1.  SMART Table User Guide
    Time Machine (Backing Up Data)
    1. Mac101: Time Machine from Apple
    2. Video Tutorial: Time Machine Setup from on YouTube
    3. Backing Up Data
    4. Migrating Data to a New Machine
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    Last Modified on May 3, 2017