Feedback & Concerns

Problems, Concerns, or Complaints in the North Slope Borough School District

When problems, concerns or complaints arise regarding the School District, its practices or personnel, there are processes in place to help facilitate the resolution of those issues. School Board policy BP 1312.1 governs the complaint process, and it is addressed in the Parent Student Handbook, in the Complaints Concerning School Personal section.

Often when we are concerned about our children and their education, emotions run high. The District believes conflict can and should be dealt with in a respectful, timely manner. To promote fair and constructive communication, every effort should be made to resolve a complaint at the earliest possible stage at the local level. Often, by just asking for an explanation or an accommodation, a situation can be resolved.

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Public complaints record concerning school personnel/practice/procedure

The first step in the complaint process is to try to informally resolve the complaint with the individual involved.

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