Message From Superintendent Regarding COVID-19

Message From Superintendent Regarding COVID-19
Posted on 07/22/2020
Qargi Blanket


July 22, 2020



Greetings to all North Slope Borough School District Staff, 


The NSBSD Central Service Office has been using press releases from the State of Alaska, Maniilaq, Fairbanks, Point Hope and Utqiaġvik as a guide in determining what the COVID-19 protocols are for all the North Slope Borough School District Village sites and for Utqiaġvik staff.

 Some teachers have already arrived and some teachers have remained at their school sites all summer for safety. All new hire staff will be arriving this and next week.  New hire staff will be following COVID-19 testing protocols mandated by our village councils. Returning staff have also started arriving using the same COVID-19 testing protocols.

 These are our return dates for staff:

-          Principal inservice will be held virtually from July 27-July 30, 2020.

-          New hire in-service training will begin August 3, 2020 and will be conducted at each school site. 

-          Returning teachers will begin at their respective school sites on August 10, 2020. 

-          Students have a tentative start of August 27, 2020.

 * Daily surges and fluctuations in COVID-19 cases may alter travel plans, in-services, and school start dates for our students.

Aug 22 2020 Testing Protocols.pdf