Quvianagli Iñuqqaat Nunani Uvluat!

Quvianaġli Iñuqqaat Nunani Uvluat!
Posted on 10/12/2020
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As we celebrate today, we reflect on how it came to be. In a counter-celebration to the previously named Columbus Day, Indigenous people throughout our entire nation have battled for centuries to be recognized in this world, hence the purpose of Indigenous People's Day. 

Historically, the United States celebrated Columbus Day in remembrance of Christopher Columbus "discovering" the America's on October 12th, 1492. In his effort to find India, he ended up landing upon North America. Since this time, Indigenous people in North America have had to fight for recognition, for rights to their land, and for their culture, language, and traditions. 

In our more recent history, as Iñupiat, we too have had to fight for these same rights, including our rights for self-determination. Through the leadership of Eben Hopson, Sr. and others, we have succeeded in perpetuating a home-ruled governing system and a home-ruled education system. Almost 50 years later, we stand strong in our education system and, as a District, work tirelessly to continue to live out his dream through Iñupiaq Education, the Iñupiaq Learning Framework, and culturally-responsive pedagogies to meet the needs of "the whole child."


Eben Hopson, Sr. was the first mayor of the North Slope Borough and an Iñupiaq activist in ensuring the Iñupiat of the North Slope held true to their rights to the land, the culture, the language, and their governance. Alongside him, was the late Dr. Jacob Anaġi Adams, who fought tirelessly during the land claims movement and safeguarded the Iñupiat of the North Slope from federal and state organizations taking over the land and its natural resources we thrive off of to this day. We want to honor them not only on this day, but remember their contributions from the past and the foundation they built moving forward. 

On June 24, 2017, Governor Walker signed into State law this permanent change that now recognizes this annual holiday as Indigenous People's Day in a continued effort to recognize our Alaska Native people. 

As we celebrate today, take a moment to reflect back and think about how far we have come and what it has taken for us to get here. Without perseverance and strength, without all of you, our District would not be what it is today. Quyanaqpak for your time and your daily commitment to our children of the North Slope! 

Quvianaġli Iñuqqaat Nunani Uvluat!


Quyanaqpak to all of you for your daily contributions to the success of our children of the North Slope! 




Pauline Siqupsiraq Harvey ( NSBSD Superintendent Harvey)


The  Administration Staff  and The Iñupiaq Education Staff