FY21 E-Rate Category 1

FY21 E-Rate Category 1 Internet Circuit RFP Q&A
Posted on 02/22/2021
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 2021 E-Rate RFP Questions and Answers


Question: Will the District accept emailed proposals in lieu of the hard-copy submittal requirements provided in your RFP? 

Response: No


Question: If emailed proposals are not acceptable, will the District accept proposals delivered in-person rather than by mail? 

Response: Yes


Question: Will you accept Emailed proposal responses to prevent the potential need for a hand delivery in order to make the deadline? As we look at the current COVID restrictions for travel by the State and Utqiagvik, we understand that these can change at any moment. 

Response: An emailed proposal would not constitute a “sealed” bid in accordance with the requirements of the RFP.


Question: Please confirm that increments of 25mbps is acceptable for the 100Mbps up to 750 Mbps circuit requested for bandwidth to Utqiagvik. 

Response: The District requests pricing for 5Mbps increments as defined in Appendix A of the RFP.


Question: What are the physical addresses for Central Office, Central Office Annex, and the Transportation Buildings? 


Central Office, 829 Aivik Street, Utqiagvik (Barrow), AK 99723 

Central Office Annex, 1849 Momeganna Street, Utqiagvik (Barrow), AK 99723 

Transportation, 1683 Okpik Street, Utqiagvik (Barrow), AK 99723, United States


Question: The RFP states “The District seeks bids for services using any reliable technology for the delivery of dedicated, non-shared, unmetered, non-accelerated and unrestricted IP-based wide-area-network and Internet circuits. The District’s preference is for one carrier to provide all of the services, but the District may split the award if it is advantageous to the District.” Please further define the intent of the usage of term dedicated with respect to throughput for satellite services. It is unclear if the SD wants bidders to provide dedicated satellite throughput for each individual school (up to qty 7 25x10 

Mbps satellite for a possible total 175x70 Mbps), or dedicated throughput for the entire school district (qty 1 25x10 satellite shared across up to 7 sites). 

Response: The District is seeking individual dedicated circuits to all locations and throughput as defined in Appendix A, utilizing the best reliable technology (fiber, microwave, or satellite) available at each location.


Question: Will utilizing alternate and previous experience outside North Slope customer set be evaluated by the same methodology as the current requirement states? As it provides similar scope and relevance due to USAC and E-rate performance. 

Response: We are unable to answer this question as it is unclear.


Question: The RFP requests asymmetric bandwidth options for 7 sites. What are the minimum requirements per site of upstream bandwidth? 

Response: The District is amendable to reviewing a selection of available upload bandwidth options.


Question: Can NSBSD provide a list of current VSAT infrastructure (per site) utilized today that can be used by selected vendor to continue delivery of satellite services. For example, foundation type, (non- penetrating pole mount, roof mount, or penetrating pole mount.) antenna size, BUC size, modem type. If not available to reuse, confirm that space and power is available for new infrastructure. 

Response: The District does not presently maintain any VSAT infrastructure and cannot confirm power and space availability.


Question: We request the Criteria 6, “Previous Experience with Vendor” be updated as we believe that this criteria hampers the USAC mandated open and fair proposal process to the detriment of all non-incumbent offerors. The criteria as written unfairly benefits the incumbent because only the incumbent will be able to claim experience with something so specific as NSBSB’s “processes, services, support, staff, and billing systems”. To help ensure an open and fair process will NSBSB (sic) remove this criteria, or alternatively, will the district rewrite this criteria to allow the use of references from other districts who have experience an offeror in lieu of direct experience with NSBSD? 

Response: The Districts position surrounding evaluation criteria 6 will not only take into consideration the previous experience with vendor but also the general experience with School Districts which includes processes, services, support, staff, and billing systems. This may also include inquiries of other Districts in which work has been performed that may not be part of the providers references. 


FY21 E-Rate Category 1 Internet Circuit RFP Q&A

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