Information Technology


If technology is to realize its powerful potential for expanding and enhancing instruction in the North Slope Borough School District, it must be used for more than just automating the traditional methods and practices of teaching. Within this context, we believe that technology is a tool for learning that expands our instructional repertoire and is a vehicle that can enhance instructional delivery, enrich student performance, and increase student engagement.

Our vision includes students and staff who have equitable access to technology that is effectively supported and provides the following:

  • An environment that promotes problem-based learning (think critically, solve problems, and make decisions)
  • Comprehensive access to information through global networks
  • Strategies to meet the curricular needs of all learners while respecting cultural values
  • Opportunities to refine critical thinking skills and promote creativity
  • A medium for expression and communication
  • A forum for producing, performing, and publishing both locally and globally
  • Improved efficiency of administrative tasks
  • Skills and proficiencies necessary for the workforce
  • An environment that fosters life-long learning through community access to technology
  • A way of documenting traditional knowledge
  • Ongoing training for staff and students

It is our intention that this vision will guide the implementation of technology throughout the North Slope Borough School District.