• Harold Kaveolook's Hunter Safety program is offered bi-monthly by Officer Ken Paul of the North Slope Borough Police Department.  Officer Paul is a certified, volunteer instructor, who has taught Hunter Education in schools in the past.  The Hunter Safety class is part of the Hunter Information and Training Program (HIT) that administers certification courses that are required to hunt in many parts of the state of Alaska, as well as other jurisdictions throughout North America.  All high school students at HKS are participating in the course and will receive their certification at its completion.
    The Hunter Education class, which is the one Officer Paul is teaching, provides training in firearms safety, wildlife conservation, and respect for natural resources, landowners, and other hunters.  There is a book component to the course, along with many hands-on activities.  The students will be learning the parts of a gun and how to properly clean and care for a firearm.  There will also be a section on survival, which will include shelter building, fire building, and many other important components.