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    During the years 2005-2009, the Fairbanks Northstar Borough School District (FNSBSD) and the Alaska Arts Education consortium ran a grant call Project ARTiculate. During the grant many existing FNSBSD art lessons were re-developed into more comprehensive formats. Then, during three summers, Art Institutes were held in Fairbanks, teaching teachers how to teach art and performing arts. Districts that sent teachers to these institutes received the Art Kits developed during that year.
    NSBSD sent a teacher one of those years and received 1/3 of the total number of Art Kits. These kits have been in storage and not used much since then.
    With the help of the MAC grant and NSBSD administration, an effort is underway to remedy this problem. We are trying to locate any missing kits, train teachers in using a kit, develop a circulation system, and order basic needed art supplies for schools to be able to use the kits.
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