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Madrigal Brown

Iñupiaqsiñiga Qavviaq. Taniksiñiga Madrigal.  This will only be my second year teaching at Ipalook.  I'm really excited to return.  Before teaching at Ipalook, I taught at Trapper for a few years, and before that, I taught in Glennallen and Fort Yukon. 

I have a Master's degree in Elementary Teaching, I'm a reading specialist, and I have a few other minor certifications, too.  I have seen students make incredible gains in the course of only a year when they take responiblity for their learning and work hard to meet their goals.  My goal is to keep them motivated and make them owners of their education. 


  • In my spare time, I like to try new recipes, I love to read, I like to do things with my kids, and I like to spend time at work.  I'm kind of nerd when it comes to teaching.  I also love learning new things.  Thanks to my amazing co-worker, Sikkattuaq, I am learning how to make atiqlut.

    My husband, Arth, works at Ilisagvik College.  He's ridiculously good-looking.  We have three children, Asiaq, Qavvik, and Kigugiyakii.  Each one of them is unique and precious to me, just like my students. I am also a foster mom, so I get to have bonus kids sometimes.  It's always hard to let them go, but I'm so lucky to spend time with them.
    Tragically, this is the best family photo I had  
    Here are some pictures of my family, because I couldn't just pick ONE!


  • Aapaga Mike. Aakaga Debbie. Vorcet kuayaaguruηa. They were both teachers, but my dad is retired now.  Malguk nukaaluqtuηa, taniksiñiktik Jonathan and Brian.  They are both married (to teachers!) and I have three nieces and two nephews.  We only see each other once a year, but I love my family.
    We ALMOST stuck with a color scheme.
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