Welcome to Meade River School! 
    We at MRS believe that it truly takes a village to raise a child. We recognize that parents, extended family, local community and schooling community play critical roles in the education of our students. MRS is a place where the schooling community work together with the families and community to support our students in receiving the best education that they can have. Together, we work with dedication to ensure that our students learn in a safe, accepting and secure environment. 
    At MRS our students learn through expectations that respect their cultural, family, and community values. MRS students will learn through relevant content, inquiry and hands on experiences that inspire deep learning. We at MRS believe that it is important that our students develop wholesome perspectives of themselves and develop healthy mindsets that allow for healthy relationships. MRS is a place where our students are purposefully involved in various forms of engagements including academics, sports, student government, clubs, and community events.
    Together, as MRS schooling staff with parents and community, we envision that all MRS students graduate with honors and that our students take charge of their futures as our students will be equipped with tools that will allow them to flourish and excel. Whether they choose to attend college, enter vocational training or enter the workforce all MRS students will become contributing members of their communities and be prepared to be world changers.
    Go EAGLES! Its going to be a great year!


    ~Mrs. Emily Roseberry

      Principal of Meade River School