• Ronnie Stanford

    Welcome to Barrow High School, home of the Whalers!
    At Barrow High School, we have many excellent programs, teachers, and students. We are only waiting on one thing, and that is you!
    I began as a teacher at Barrow High School in 1995, yes 1995! My wife, Linda, and I are proud to call Barrow our home for over 20 years. As a band director and classroom teacher for 31 years, I now find myself in an administrative position as one of Barrow High School's educational leaders. Creating a positive learning environment in the school is an extension of the positive learning environment used in every classroom. The dynamics and positive energy found on the North Slope of Alaska is like no other place on earth. We are fortunate at Barrow High School to be part of that energy.

    Mr. Stanford
    Assistant Principal
    Barrow High School