• Cris Goldy

    Hi!  I’m Cris Goldy, the Assistant Principal at Fred Ipalook Elementary School. I have been an educator for 37 years, beginning in Special Education and working with bilingual, migrant and regular classrooms before moving into literacy specialist and administration positions at the district, state and national level.  I have been with the North Slope Borough School District full time for the last 3 years in the curriculum department, and I am very excited to join the Ipalook team. 

    I have both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Special Education from Central Washington University, and both teaching and administrative certification from Alaska.  I am working on a Doctorate in Administration of Teaching and Learning from Walden University. I am also highly qualified in Curriculum and Instruction.

    My family has been in Alaska since 1972, when my parents moved to the Glenallen area as missionaries. My father was professional aerospace engineer in addition to being a minister, so the family eventually ended up in Wasilla and my father worked for management in the FAA. He was in charge of the project to build the tower at Merrill Field, and for emergency communities for airports throughout the state. My brother also worked for the FAA in Anchorage, and still resides in the family home in Wasilla.I have four children and five grandchildren, who are my pride and joy. I raised my children in Washington State, three still live there and one lives in Minneapolis. 

    I worked for ten years as a national educational consultant for CORE (Consortium on Reaching Excellence). During this time I managed our consulting work for Indian and Tribal schools throughout the nation and for the State of Alaska. I began working with NSBSD as a literacy consultant and services manager in 2007, which included both training and consultation at Ipalook as well as the village schools. I was invited to work full time for the district in 2014 by Dr. Lisa Parady and Carla Seavey, and was very pleased to move to Barrow and join this great district.

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