• Welcome from Principal Robert "R.J." Johnson

    On behalf of the staff at Kiita Learning Community I welcome you to the 2015 - 2016 school year. If you are not sure who we are and where we are located, we are the alternative high school in Barrow, Alaska, and we are located at the corner of C and Karluk. Our mission is to help “at-risk” students complete their high school education and develop lifelong work readiness skills.

    We have a wonderful teaching staff that includes a math and PE teacher, Mr. Kern Wilson; a language arts teacher, Mrs. MaryJane Geiser; a science and art teacher, Mrs. Alice Sage; a special education teacher, Mrs. Pamella Simpson; and a full-time counselor, Mrs. Rita Crouch. In addition to the teaching staff we have a full-time secretary, Ms. Laura Simmonds.

    Our staff is committed to bringing quality education to all of our students and to supporting and continuing the Inupiaq culture and values.

    Please stop by and visit us anytime.


    Respectfully yours,

    Robert Johnson, Kiita Principal