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    Department Overview: The Office of Curriculum and Instruction oversees General Education, Core curriculum and Response to Intervention.

    We also provide support in the area of Standards based instruction to align with the Iñupiaq Learning Framework.

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    Liz Noble
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    PO Box 169 Utqiaġvik, AK 99723
    Email: liz.noble@nsbsd.org
    Phone: 907-852-9525
    Fax: 907-852- 9503
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 907-852-9525

    Kathleen Burke-Fisher
    Instructional Specialist
    Email: kathleen.fisher@nsbsd.org
    Phone: 907-852-9524
    Erin Hollingsworth
    Instructional Specialist
    Email: erin.hollingsworth@nsbsd.org
    Phone: 907-852-9510
    Jonathan Hursh
    Educational Technology Specialist
    Phone: 907-852-9629
    Mark Nance
    Coordinator of Educational Technology
    Email: mark.nance@nsbsd.org
    Phone: 907-852-9625
    Fax: 907-852-9760
    Christopher Yearley
    District Librarian
    Email: christopher.yearley@nsbsd.org
    Phone: 907-852-9571