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    Support Services is the new title for Maintenance and Operations(M&O). The title brings with it a renewed focus on the core purpose: Supporting Facilities and Operations for Student Learning. Support Services has five areas of focus: Maintenance, Operations, Custodians, Food Services, and Transportation.


    Through the use of modern computer management systems, detailed reporting, analytics, and artificial intelligence the departments will become more efficient. Additionally, opening the framework and using data to drive decisions will help to eliminate guesswork, cost overruns, and political changes.

    The past year has brought with it significant changes to the leadership team throughout the department. The leadership change creates opportunities for growth and re-focus on departmental policies.


    Introduction to Asset Essentials:


    Asset Essentials is the latest in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). The product is built brand new by Dude Solutions based on modern technology and improved workflows. Dude Solutions is one of the nation's leaders in maintenance systems, established in 1999. Asset Essentials will help to improve visibility within the work order system, better manage teams of staff, improved preventive maintenance schedules, and updated Key Performance Indicators.


    Data from this program is going to be reviewed and published for the public to see; providing transparency into the work order system and Support Services. Spring 2019, the data dashboard is scheduled to be released.


    Work Orders in the system currently will be reviewed and transferred from Maintenance Direct into Asset Essentials. There is no need to resubmit work orders.




District Notices

  • Request for Proposal for FY2018 Employee Housing

    The North Slope Borough School District is seeking to lease employee housing. If you own property that you would be interested in leasing to the NSBSD, you may pick up an FY18 Request for Proposal Packet (RFP) at the Maintenance and Operations Office located at 1693 Okpik Street in Barrow, Alaska. If you would like to request for an electronic copy to be sent to your email address, please call (907) 852-4710, or email nsbsd.housing@nsbsd.org. You may also download the electronic version of the RFP: https://goo.gl/X2cgGi

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Last Modified on November 9, 2018