• About Our Class


    eagle Rodney Lloyd

    Kindergarten 1st Grade Teacher





    At Meade River School, education is rooted in the values, history and language of the Iñupiat. Students develop the academic and cultural skills and knowledge to be:

    • Critical and creative thinkers able to adapt in a changing environment and world;
    • Active, responsible, contributing members of their communities; and
    • Confident, healthy young adults, able to envision, plan and take control of their destiny.



    My students are very intelligent and work hard to be successful students and life long learners. I want all my students to develop strategies to help them be strong readers, creative writers and confident mathematicians. I believe that all students can learn and at high levels. My teaching philosophy is to guide students to discover the answers to essential questions through overarching understandings. My hope is that my student will enjoy learning and be successful and happy. Thank you for letting me be a part of your child's education. If you have any questions about your child's progress, please drop by and enjoy learning with us.  
    We work on many projects to help us demonstrate our learning.  I work hard to guide my student to be problem solvers.  Please join us in our learning nest and join in the fun!