The tuivititchirit and their new poms!
    Welcome to the Internet home of the Trapper Tuavititchirit, the Trapper Cheerleaders!
    The Tuavititchirit are a group of select students. They are committed to being good athletes, they work hard, they perform at their best, and they are leaders in their school.
    These girls range from age 8 to age 11, and they are all beginning cheerleaders. They have never had formal dance, tumbling, or cheer lessons. They don't have experience with recitals. They have learned their people's traditional dances from experiences in their community, and when it comes to new dance and cheer concepts, they are eager to learn and they work hard to perform at their best.   
    Please enjoy our photos!
  • Thank you to Conoco Philips for helping us purchase uniforms, to Mr. Arth Brown III, for donating generously to our uniform fund and for sponsoring our cheerleader parties, to everyone who helped us purchase pom-poms by buying Easter candy-grams, to the parents and grandparents of each cheerleader, and to all our supporters in the community for helping these girls feel confident and secure!