• The Student Store managed Trapper School's first-ever Holiday Shop! Thanks to the generosity of ConocoPhillips, the Student Store was able to provide a variety of gifts, as well as wrapping paper and bows, so that students could purchase and wrap gifts for their families and friends. The best part is, the students got to earn the money to spend all by themselves. When they came to school and worked hard, they earned money to spend in the holiday shop. No one could do it for them. Here are some great shots of students shopping for their families.
    Students make crafts and browse for other gifts.   
    Students browse merchandise.  
    Kindergarten students make ornaments for their moms and aakas  
    John is REALLY excited about shopping!  
    A student store worker helps students decide about what to buy.  
    The Student Store is hiring! If you're interested in working as a Student Store employee, please complete and submit the application below.
     Student Store employees must
    • be Trapper School students
    • be able to work during sporting events, school events, and other community events during which the store is open
    • be able to add and subtract several numbers quickly and correctly  
    • be able to make change
    • be polite and helpful to customers
    • be able and willing to prepare food, clean, and stock shelves
    Student Store employees are paid in Student Store merchandise. They receive $2 worth of merchandise for every hour they work. They also get to try some new products for free and, of course, they get the privilege of working in the Student Store.
    Here's the application: