Brent Lecky

Phone: (907) 640-6626


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Brent Lecky

My name is Brent Lecky and I am really glad to be here!! It is really great to be in a community that has such a vibrant cultural life and identity. I am kind of an old guy—I have a lot of miles on my tires—and have done a lot of different things!

In the counseling area, I worked as a therapist in the State of Delaware, where I worked with kids as young as four years of age, up to psychiatric inmates doing natural life at Delaware’s maximum security prison. I am afraid that there is not much that I haven’t seen.

I see my purpose as a school counselor in Kaktovik, is to help the young people of Kaktovik become happy, healthy, content, and prosperous human beings. This would also include working with the families of students should the need arise!

I am truly here to help. Please feel free to contact me at: or 907-640-6626

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Take Care,