Assessment and Accountability

Assessment and Accountability coordinate State, Federal, and District mandated assessments and facilitate support for the individual needs of teachers and students.

Responsibilities include
  • Maintaining student records

  • Data security

  • Maintaining assessment data

  • Submitting accurate student demographics to testing vendors

  • Ensuring District compliance with testing regulations

  • Data collection and dissemination to appropriate parties

  • Compliance with Federal and State mandated reporting

  • Technical assistance in the development of School Improvement Plans

  • Facilitation for the development of the District Improvement Plan

The Annual Report Card to the Public
  • Report Card data follows the Alaska Department of Early Education and Development template and:

  • Assesses how well NSBSD students meet the State's Performance Standards;

  • Provides a comparison to the rest of the students in Alaska;

  • Supports instruction in NSBSD classrooms; and

  • Guides school improvement plans.

District and School Report Cards

Alaska State Summative Assessments

Everything we do here at the North Slope Borough School District is grounded in our Board adopted mission statement and goals. Focus on the Whole child is a critical component and reflects the complexity and sensitivity that surrounds our work at the District. Our children are more than data points, however statewide assessments ensure that families, teachers, administrators, and community leaders can see how students perform across the state. The information gathered from assessments helps guide policy decisions, curriculum selection, professional learning for teachers and staff, instructional decisions, and parent support recommendations.

Assessment is part of providing an excellent education for every student every day.

Per Alaska State Statute 14.03.016, parents have the right to make educational decisions for their children. Please contact your child's school principal if you would like your child not to participate in a summative state or district interim assessment.

Alaska's Required Statewide Assessments


School Climate Connectedness Survey

The School Climate and Connectedness Survey is a voluntary statewide survey that measures positive school climate, how connected students feel to adults and peers, social and emotional learning (SEL), and observed risk behaviors at school or school events. The American Institute for Research, in partnership with the Association of Alaska School Boards, developed the School Climate Connectedness Survey

The North Slope Borough School District has participated in the School Climate Connectedness Survey in 2008, 2010, and every year since 2017. The data collected is used for school improvement and grant purposes.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is an anonymous and voluntary survey of students in grades 9-12. It collects information about behaviors related to the health and well-being of students. The survey results are used to learn about and address the health concerns of Alaska teenagers. School districts and community organizations use YRBS results to identify emerging health issues and track changes in the health behaviors of the Alaska adolescent population over time. The results also help the North Slope Borough School District and other organizations create and obtain funding for programs for youth.