District Library

The mission of the NSBSD Library/Media Center is to make readily available and promote full utilization of all supplementary learning materials, both print and non-print, in order to facilitate the teaching/learning process, and to help each student become an independent, self-motivated learner. The department provides guidance in program planning, curriculum development, budgeting, and in-service activities. We work in partnership with educators, administrators, parents and community members to provide access to materials in all formats. The center provides a database of the supplementary materials currently available from the NSBSD Library/Media Center. The database can be searched by title, subject, media type, or by using keywords.

Battle of the Books

The Battle of the Books takes place every spring, and involves a large number of students in Kindergarten through twelfth grades.

Last year approximately 200 students participated in the program, each reading 12-15 books, then competing across the Slope with teams from other schools.

Battle of the Books is up and running this year with the support of ASTAC. Students are excited to read this year’s books and prepare for the competition in February. Research shows the number one indicator for becoming a better reader is the amount of time spent reading.

Thank you to ASTAC for supporting this program by providing books and incentives for our North Slope Borough students as they improve their reading and have fun doing it.