FY23 Principal Checkout Form

At the end of the year, each principal completes a principal checkout process with each department director. We ask that principals review the checkout list and have each director sign off on their department list for the year.


1. All administrators are required to be at their sites a minimum of one week after their last teacher day.

2. Please send the completed sections to the Director of each department.

3. Barrow Principals– Return the completed Principal Checkout Form with signatures or e-mail approvals to Susan Hope in the Chief School Administrator’s Office before you leave your site.

4. Village Principals– Attach all e-mails from directors or coordinators indicating Director sign-offs to the Principal Checkout Form and e-mail to Susan Hope in the Superintendent’s Office before you leave your site.

  • It is a common practice for directors to send an e-mail to village principals confirming their “electronic” signature on their checkout forms. It is the principals’ responsibility to provide Susan Hope with the completed form and accompanying attached e-mails verifying the completion of each section.

5. If there is any Student Summer Travel, a list of names, including names of chaperones, dates of travel, and destinations, must accompany this form. e.g. RAHI, ASRC Science Camp, senior trips, etc.

Student summer travel to include:

1) Names, addresses, and phone numbers of students traveling;

2) Names, addresses, and phone numbers of chaperones; and

3) Student programs and itineraries.

6. Upon receipt of the completed Principal Checkout Form, the Principal will schedule an appointment with the Chief School Administrator to clarify any questions and authorize the release of the final check. The authorization will be issued via e-mail from Executive Assistant Susan Hope to Nikki San Agustin in the Business Office.

Please click on each department's Principal Checkout Form Below.

Business Office

Curriculum and Instructions


Human Resources

Information Technology

Inupiaq Education (Not Ready, please click here to download or Print to fill out and sign manually)

Maintenance and Operations

Student Services