Title VI: Indian Education Grant

The District will provide an opportunity for the Iñupiat Community of the Arctic Slope (ICAS), the Federal Recognized Regional Tribal Government, and parents of Indian (Alaska Native/Iñupiaq) children to provide their views on the District's educational program and activities, including recommendations on the needs of their children and on how the District may help those children realize the benefits of the educational programs and activities.

In order to meet State and Federal requirements, the NSBSD established the Indian Education Committee (IEC), formally known as Federal Parent Advisory Committee (FPPAC), to comply with the rules and regulations of the State of Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, the US Department of Education, and the Department of Interior as they relate to grant-in-aid programs and projects. The IEC members serve their communities and ensure grant-funded projects meet the educational and cultural needs of Alaska Native/American Indian students.

The Indian Education Committee shall work with staff and community members associated with the public schools of NSBSD to provide advice and assistance in all aspects of developing proposals for grant-in-aid supplemental funding; review the planning, implementation, and evaluation of grant-in-aid supplemental funding; and advise the NSBSD School Board on application submission and program evaluation.

The Indian Education Committee shall work to assess needs, and establish priorities to meet the special educational needs of children in school or children eligible to attend school. They shall assist the School District in identifying and or verifying the students to be served by the program or project.

The IEC shall act as a hearing board for any individual or group who may wish to propose additions or changes in programs or projects, or to express grievances which will be properly referred to appropriate level as established by the NSBSD.

The NSBSD Grant Director and Business Office will provide monthly or bi-monthly updates during scheduled NSBSD School Board meetings as part of the Administrative Report for public feedback. Updates presented to the Board can be accessed by the public through the live KBRW radio broadcast. NSBSD will post a list of committee members and Minutes from the Indian Education Committee meetings on the NSBSD website.

NSBSD Indian Education Committee consists of at least 8 parent representatives and one alternate per village, one teacher and one high school student for a total of at least 10 representatives. They serve on a 3-year cycle and may be re-elected. School Advisory Council members within each village hosts an election at their regular meeting in September to elect IEC parent members and alternates. SAC members will elect a high school student representative and a teacher representative each year on a rotational basis FY20 Point Lay; FY21 Kaktovik; FY22 Wainwright; FY23 Pt. Hope; FY24 Atqasuk; FY25 Nuiqsut; FY26 Anaktuvuk Pass; FY27 Utqiagvik.

Indian Education Committee Chairperson: TBD

Indian Education Committee By-laws: To be developed in FY22

QUESTIONS? Please contact: Lori Roth, Director of Student Services, Lori.roth@nsbsd.org 907-852-9651