Migrant Education

The goal of the Migrant Education Program is to ensure that all migrant students reach challenging academic standards and graduate with a high school diploma (or complete a GED) that prepares them for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment.

Section 1306(b) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act provides supplemental funds to be used to meet the identified needs of migratory children that result from their migratory lifestyle, and to permit these children to participate effectively in school.

Alaska’s Migrant Education Program is guided by the statewide Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) and the state Service Delivery Plan (SDP) that identifies the measurable program objectives and the instructional strategies designed to meet the needs identified in the CNA.

Migrant Education Eligibility

Migratory Child - The term "migratory child" means a child or youth who made a qualifying move in the preceding 36 months:

  • as a migratory agricultural worker or a migratory fisher; or

  • with, or to join, a parent or spouse who is a migratory agricultural worker or a migratory fisher.

Migratory Agricultural Worker/Migratory Fisher - The terms "migratory agricultural worker" and "migratory fisher" mean an individual who made a qualifying move in the preceding 36 months and, after doing so, engaged in new temporary or seasonal employment or personal subsistence in agriculture or fishing soon after the move. If the individual did not engage in such new employment soon after the move, the individual must have actively sought such new employment, and have a recent history of moves for temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture or fishing.

Qualifying Move - The term "qualifying move" means a move due to economic necessity:

  • from one residence to another residence; and

  • from one school district to another school district, except

    in the case of a State that is comprised of a single school district, wherein a qualifying move is from one administrative area to another within such district; or

    in the case of a school district of more than 15,000 square miles, wherein a qualifying move is a distance of 20 miles or more to a temporary residence.

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