Student Services

The Student Services & Special Education Department located at Central Office Annex (1849 Momeganna Street, Utqiaġvik, AK 99723) is charged with the responsibility of finding, identifying, and providing services to children with disabilities within the North Slope Borough School District.

The Student Services & Special Education Department coordinates the collaborative efforts of parents, educators, and specialized professional staff in addressing the special needs of students with disabilities, as well as ensures that the education provided is free, appropriate, and least restrictive. The department is guided in its mission by federal laws, state regulations, and district policies, all of which provide a comprehensive framework within which the Special Education Department operates.

Department staff members are committed to implementing services which are in compliance with the reauthorization of Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004, and also in keeping with the spirit of equity in education as exemplified by the Rehabilitation Act (1973) and Americans with Disabilities Act. "Special Education" is generally understood to mean a specially designed program of services or instruction recommended by the Individual Education Program Team which are set fourth in a child’s Individual Education Program (IEP). In order to qualify for special education services a child must be determined through the evaluation process to (1) have a disability and (2) be in need of special education. When a child meets both of these "gateway" criteria the IEP Team will then identify the specific services which will comprise the special education program.

Student Services Staff