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iDida Contest District Winners

  • Nipaa Ilitqusipta

    by Melanie Tikluk Length: 2:35

    Melanie Tikluk won 1st place in the 9-12 grade podcast category.  She wrote this podcast to present ideas on how the Inupiaq youth can help revitalize their language.

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  • Fighting Our Loss

    by Jonas Mackenzie Length: 2:03

    Jonas Mackenzie won 2nd place in the 9-12 grade podcast category.  This is in response to learning that many young Iñupiaq individuals are not fluent in their language.

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  • The Voice of Our Spirit

    by Charles Brower Length: 2:30

    Charles Brower won 1st place in the 6-8 grade podcast category for this piece in which he offers hope and ideas on how to revitalize the Iñupiaq culture and language.

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School Hours

  • School begins each day at 9:00 AM
    Dismissal is at 3:30 PM
    High School Dismissal is at 3:45

    Early Release on Wednesday is 2:30 PM
    High School early release is 2:35 PM

Night Rec Polar Bear Policy

  • PolarBear

    • Due to the increased bear activity, Harold Kaveolook School has implemented the following night rec procedures:
    • All students must either have a ride to and from night rec or be escorted by an adult to ensure their safety.
    • Contact numbers for the individuals providing the rides or walking with students need to be given to the school in case we need to contact them.
    • Students without completed permission slips will not be allowed to attend night rec until the proper arrangements have been made.
    • Students who show up to night rec without a completed permission slip will be driven home by the police officer until a permission slip has been turned in.
    • Permission slips have been sent home with each student.  Additional permission slips are available at the school or with Georgianna at night rec.

Weekly Newsletters

  •  May 20, 2019


    Dear Parents and Guardians,   

    This will be the final weekly letter of the 2018-19 academic year.  The last day of school will be Friday, May 24.  I wish everyone a safe and productive, yet relaxing, summer vacation.  Ann and I will be leaving on May 31 and will spend the summer in Utah visiting family.  We will return the last week of July.  We are so very excited for the next academic year and we would like to thank the community for making Kaktovik such a wonderful place to live and work.

    The annual graduation and promotion ceremony was held on Friday.  Congratulations again to our seniors- Ray, Larry, DoeDoe, and Sean.  We are all so proud of you for reaching this milestone, but this is just the beginning of the rest of your lives.  Now that you are able to spread your wings, I am excited to see where you fly.  We are always here to continue supporting you and wish you the very best for your futures.  Congratulations also to the 8th-grade promotees- Danny, Marcus, Skylar, Paul, and Troy.  High school will be wonderful as you will now be given more freedom and independence, however, it will also require more responsibility.  Make sure to keep up with your work and use the resources that are available to help you be successful.  Congratulations to the kindergarten promotees- Zachary, Mary, Edward III, and Suakpak.  You too will have new and wonderful experiences as you move on to a new classroom.  Best wishes for first grade.  I look forward to seeing you continue to learn and grow.  Finally, congratulations and thank you to the families and community that have been so instrumental in making sure each student is successful. 

    Thank you to everyone that helped to make the celebration on Friday a success.  Thank you to Bugsy for the delicious strawberry shortcake.  Thank you to our maintenance crew for building the backdrop frame.  Thank you to everyone that helped to decorate the gym.  Thank you specifically to Flora and Amanda for your vision and artistic talents!  The gym looked amazing!

    I would also like to congratulate Melanie Tikluk and Caitlin Gallagher on successfully completing their first year of college at UAA.  We are so proud of you and your accomplishment.  Keep up the good work!

    There will be the last Community Craft Night of the school year this Wednesday from 6-9.

    The swimming pool is officially closed for the summer.  I would like to thank Leroy, Randy, and Don for all your hard work this year keeping our aging equipment functioning so that we can offer these experiences to the students and community.  Thank you to our lifeguards- Michelle, Michael, and Ann for keeping the students safe while in the pool. 

    The annual HKS Field Day is scheduled to occur on May 23 during the school day.  The students will participate in a number of athletic competitions, as well as an escape room scavenger hunt.  The Field Day awards ceremony will take place in the morning on Friday, May 24, beginning after the morning assembly.  Please feel free to come spectate during the field day events or for the awards ceremony.

    I am sad to write that Burt Neimeyer, Kathryn Lamar, and Shane Lamar will not be returning for the 2019-20 academic year.  I am so grateful for the time that you were here and the dedication you showed for the students of HKS.  You all were wonderful members of the team and you will be truly missed.  Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing your knowledge and experience with the staff and students.  I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and hope that our paths will cross again. 

    While it is sad to see such valued members of the staff leave, I am excited to announce that both Burt’s and Kathi’s positions have been filled.  I would like to introduce you to Sanna Wise and Jenny DeRosia.  Sanna will be teaching the 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students next year.  She comes to us from Florida and will be bringing her family, which consists of three school-aged students, with her.   In addition, Jenny DeRosia will be teaching the 6th and 7th-grade students next year.  Jenny, too, will come to us from Florida.  Both women have great experience and will be wonderful additions to our HKS team.

    We do have several students that will be participating in some exciting summer activities.  Paul Kayotuk and Skylar Soplu will be traveling with Flora to attend an IHLC elders and youth conference in Utqiagvik in June.  Charles Brower, Jr. will be participating in the National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida through ASRC.  We also have had a number of students apply for Ilisagvik summer camps, but have not heard back yet regarding their acceptance.  Congratulations to all these students and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

    Finally, the North Slope Borough School Board announced on Friday that they have selected Ms. Kathy Ahgeak as the new superintendent of the school district.  Congratulations to Ms. Ahgeak and we look forward to your leadership and guidance over the next academic year.

    As always, please feel free to stop by the school if you have questions, concerns, or simply to see what’s going on.




    Todd Washburn, Principal

Welcome to Harold Kaveolook School!

  • Harold Kaveolook School Pledge
    We, Kaktovikmiut, contribute to the greater good of self, family, community & culture through independence, cooperation, and responsibility.
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