District News

Harold Kaveolook School is up and running!
After nearly 225 days, the students and staff of HKS will finally be reunited in a permanent structure.
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Barrow Schools' Red Status will Continue
The Barrow Schools COVID Response team along with the guidance of select North Slope Borough Health Officials extend the schools "Red Status".
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Results from the 1st Cross Country Virtual Meet.
The results are in! Chariots of Fire! North Slope Borough School District runners run with the wind in the first virtual meet of the season.
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Targeted Instruction Recommendations
Targeted Instruction Recommendations for Low, Medium and High Risk
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Social Emotional Recommendations
Social Emotional Recommendations for Low, Medium and High Risk
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Safety Recommendations: Operations Management
Safety Recommendations: Operations Management for Low, Medium and High Risk
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Iñupiaq Connections

Qargi.com is a multi-layered, fully immersive interactive web portal that will eventually host the vast bank of cultural knowledge and learning carried by Iñupiaq Elders, the community, and traditional archives and collections.

Click the link to visit: Qargi.com

Visual Iñupiaq Vocabulary Acquisition (VIVA) Program.

Click the link to visit: http://viva.nsbsd.org/

District Notices

District and School Report Cards

Each year the State of Alaska, school districts, and individual schools publish a Report Card to the Public that summarizes the performance of each public school and its students. The North Slope Borough School District has prepared report cards for each of the 11 schools in the District, as well as a District Report Card to the Public.

Each report card includes a section addressing the following components: school/district statistics, assessments, accountability requirements, and teacher qualifications. The Report Card to the Public provides information about specific subject areas as well as subgroups.

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Christmas Card Contest

District wide Children’s Christmas Card Art contest opens today which focuses on the themes: Family Traditions – Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

“Tutqiun” - Peace or

“Kaivinniq” - a time of celebration observed after sewing season or Winter Solstice.

With over 2000 children within the North Slope Borough, we chose a Christmas theme to initiate conversations with students about their family Christmas break traditions.

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IT Corner


Quyanaqpak, to the North Slope Borough School District Board of Education for entrusting me with the education of the most precious resource, the students of the North Slope. I look forward to guiding and assisting the staff, teachers, and principals in following the objectives of the new 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, as well as marrying those objectives with the budget priorities the Board has set.

The upbringing I received from my Aana and Taata at fish camp has served me well in my 37+ years of service in the educational realm. First and foremost, I was taught to honor and respect all things, especially the animals, plants, and berries we harvest; to give thanks to the ancestors for their hard work in getting us here. And finally, to share the harvest with those in need, in particular the elderly and the disabled. As we move forward together as a team, I plan to stay in close contact with the Board, the students, the staff, teachers, the stakeholders, and most importantly, our other precious resource, the elders of the North Slope. I know that as a new superintendent for the NSBSD, I have much to learn, and I look forward to teaming with our staff and communities to find solutions to our challenges, celebrate our successes and share in the joys that this year will bring.

In the season of Covid19, we have much to consider, as we work closely with the North Slope Borough, Commissioner of Education and other superintendents in planning for our re-entry in the fall of 2020. I would like to thank the teachers, staff, principals, parents, and students for their quick transition into a new way of delivering education when covid19 hit. Finally, I want to congratulate the Class of 2020, the incredibly resilient seniors of the North Slope. We wish great things for you and pray that you will continue to reach for your goals and dreams with all of us behind you. Again, Quyanaqpak for allowing me to be a part of your region and communities.

Congratulations to the North Slope whaling crews who have successfully landed their bowhead whales this spring. Social media postings from North Slope communities in Point Hope, Wainwright and Utqiagvik have whaling crews busy preparing and storing their harvests.


Pauline Siqupsiraq Harvey
North Slope Borough School District Superintendent