Risk Status Explained

Risk Status Explained- All Barrow schools on Red and Village schools on Yellow
Posted on 08/19/2020
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ALL Barrow Schools will be opening on Red Risk Status (High Risk) on August 27, 2020-no in person instruction; there MIGHT be some accommodations for students with special needs. These accommodations MUST BE made on an appointment basis, and may not apply to all Barrow schools.  ALL Barrow schools will, tentativelymove to Yellow Risk Status on September 21, 2020. Under "Red Status", students will do school work remotely.  School assignments will be delivered via physical delivery or web based. 

*ALL village schools will be opening on Yellow Risk Status (Low to Moderate Risk) on August 27, 2020.  Students will attend in person with a blended/hybrid approach to instruction. Please, contact local village school's COVID19 team representative for detailed information on what that means for students' instructional needs.

*Due to the fire at Harold Kaveolook School, their school may not be on Red Status, but in person instruction on Yellow Status may not be taking place.  Please, contact the school for details.

Red Risk Status (High Risk)= High level of community transmission: Outbreaks or increases in cases and recent laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the school’s community. 

Yellow Risk Status (Medium Risk)= Low to moderate level of community transmission in the school’s community. 

Green Risk Status (Low to No Risk)= Low level of community transmission in the school’s community.