The Iñupiat App is now available

The Iñupiat App is now available
Posted on 03/24/2021
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The North Slope Borough School District Iñupiat App has the potential of providing a high value
impact for online-interactive use that allow people of all ages to learn Iñupiaq language and
grammar using a hand-held Apple or Android devices for sustainable Iñupiaq language acquisition.

The Inupiat App has 38 different language categories. Each category has three components-

Learn, Games and Quizzes.

The Culture Notes category has three components-audio, video and images.

The Audio component has 24 units of different Iñupiaq songs sung by local students. It also has

two units of the Pledge of Allegiance in Coastal and Nunamiut Inupiaq Dialects.

The Images component shows 63 past historical images from the Terza Hopson Collection,

IHLC, North Slope Borough and School District collections.

The Search Category has 618 entries that include in part: atchagat; numbers;

emotions/conditions; positive Iñupiaq expressions; food and eating; adjectives; opposites; colors;

weather; classroom phrases; animals; phrases; and many more basic words. Each entry shows the Iñupiaq spelling and a voice pronunciation for each word or phrase.

The credits include the North Slope Borough school district; NSBSD Inupiaq Education

Department; Names of the Photography Participants, voices and credit of photo collections.