Our District

The North Slope Borough School District is located at the "top of the world" in Northern Alaska.
Our communities are populated predominantly by the Iñupiat, and today, as in many thousands of years past, we live the Iñupiaq way. Having embraced modern amenities that make life easier, we continue to practice our hunting and sharing traditions and very much value the structure that those activities bring into our lives.
We are a welcoming and friendly people who believe strongly in the value of education. Our highly trained certified and classified staff are dedicated to serving the children of our communities. They work together to meet the unique needs of every student in the district.
Our students are fully immersed in preparing for tomorrow while honoring and perpetuating the priceless traditions and culture they have as a legacy from the past. Our children exude all the warmth and sunshine one could ever hope to find.
We are led by a visionary board. Their mission for our district calls for every child to become proficient in reading, writing and mathematics while gaining an understanding of and appreciation for the values, culture, history and language of the Iñupiat.
The North Slope Borough School District