To Parents, Community Members, Staff and Students:

First, let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Rich Carlson, and I am the new Interim Superintendent of the North Slope Borough School District. I have been in education for nearly fifty years as a superintendent or interim superintendent in five different school districts, both large and small, across the State for many years and it is an honor to serve you as an interim superintendent.

I realize we are all coming off many, many months of unprecedented times and looking forward to getting back to something close to normal. We have all heard the phrase, "follow the science," stated over and over again; with that in mind, we will follow the recommendations of both the State, national, and local medical experts and will reopen the schools to full-time face to face learning this fall.

Our students cannot afford to miss out on quality education that can only take place with in-person instruction. We must do all that we can to ensure we provide a safe place for our students to grow socially, emotionally and academically.

Please know that we will continue to follow the science; and, if the medical field changes their recommendation and guidelines, we will adjust accordingly. However, for now, we are code green, with full-time face to face instruction.

We look forward to a great school year.



Contact Information

Rich Carlson
Interim Superintendent
[email protected] 
(907) 852-9530

Maryjane Geiser
Assistant Superintendent
[email protected] 
(907) 852-9535

Susan Hope
Executive Assistant
[email protected] 
(907) 852-9530