Education Summit Reports

Thank you to all the Education participants for your passion, care and commitment to education on the North Slope.  Your time and investment into this process is greatly appreciated and necessary to the growth of our future leaders.  Your willingness to engage in dialogue and keep an open mind was noticeable and made for a successful outcome of this first time event. 

We wanted to share the summit summary report and the top priorities that resulted from our time together with you so that you can continue the conversation in your communities.  Below are the top priority themes in no particular order:

Iñupiat speaking students (Immersion opportunities with more fluent speakers in the school)

Comprehensive parent involvement plan and menu

Clarity for college/career pathways after students graduate

Pay level within the district - Losing talent to other organizations

Increasing student performance/engagement (Proficiency, Attendance, Tutoring)

Currently we are establishing implementation and learning teams to work on these priorities within each community.  We will commit to sharing the findings of these teams after we reconvene in late September/fall for a one day district gathering.  We are grateful for your support and ask that you continue your commitment to the growth of North Slope students.  It is with community voices and participation that we will continue to create lasting change.


Oct 4 and 5 Education Summitt NSBSD project summary report and recommendations.pptx

Oct 4 and 5 Education Summit NSBSD project summary report and recommendations.pptx

NSBSD Summit Summary May 2019.pdf
NSBSD Summit Summary May 2019.pdf