Parent/Guardian Toolbox

The Parent/Guardian Toolbox

The “Parent/ Guardian Toolbox” provides valuable resources for parents/guardians that will allow them to support their  NSBSD scholars’ educational needs. It serves as a “virtual” bulletin board. 

Some of our NSBSD educators are hosting weekly virtual parent/guardian meetings. Find information about those meetings under "Parent/Guardian Learning Opportunities".  Right now, the schools represented are Eben Hopson Middle School and Trapper School, Nuiqsut. However, we expect more NSBSD schools' educators  to set up their meetings shortly. 

Alaska state resources are housed in a site called The information is organized in three grade bands- Early Childhood Education to 2nd grade, 3rd grade to 5th grade, and middle school through high school, grades 6 through 12.  The site is open to the public, so there is no need to create a password.  Therefore, parents/guardians are free to start exploring,  right now!  In addition, check out the "How to Help your child at Home" link. The links are labeled accordingly.

The NSBSD Curriculum and Instruction Department Professionals  and NSBSD educators will be adding valuable helpful resources year-round, so the "Parent/Guardian Toolbox" will be blossoming throughout the year.  In addition, the Curriculum and Instruction Department is open to parent/guardian feedback and suggestions; that will allow the toolbox to continue blooming. 

At NSBSD, we want our students to flourish and to always strive for excellence, and we recognize the importance of our NSBSD parents’/guardians’ roles in tending to their students’ academic and social emotional learning gardens.