Posted on 06/29/2020
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The North Slope Borough School District is in the process of planning for re-opening this Fall. As you are aware, the COVID  pandemic requirements are ever changing and there is with much uncertainty. What we do know is that we are planning using three scenarios of risk- Low, medium and high. 


Low Risk- An example of low risk may be that we are limiting the numbers of students who are riding the bus, and who congregate in the classroom. Social distancing will be followed and students may be expected to wear masks. Scheduling of students may also be affected. Students may not be in the school building all day and there may be an A/B schedule where half of the students come in the morning and the other half come in the afternoon. Children will practice COVID hygiene practices such as washing hands frequently and using sanitizer. 

Students would be expected to come to school every day. Sports will continue following ASAA guidelines. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. 


Medium Risk-  Congregating of students and staff would be reduced even more. Students who show any signs of sickness will be asked to go home or not come to school. All of the COVID hygiene practices will be followed including wearing masks. Fewer students will be allowed to come to school at any one time. Students may only attend school 2 or 3 times per week. When students are not at school, they will have work provided to them at home. This may be in the form of packets, work that can be done on a computer and we are researching options for providing connectivity to school resources from the students home. Indoor sports will have congregating limits and students may not be able to travel. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. 


High Risk- Staff and students will not be allowed in the school. Sports practices will be cancelled. All schooling will be done at home. Instruction will be delivered through packets and computers that have preloaded work on them. No sports practices or use of facilities. 


The level of each school may vary- For instance, Utqqiagvik schools could be on medium risk while Atqasuk schools are on low risk. The school district will continue to work closely with the North Slope Borough, ASNA, local village governments included the tribes. 


If you have any questions, please call -  907-852-9530.